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Not Alone

Not Alone is a ministry under the Covenant Christian Ministries. CCM is sent by God to make disciples of all nations. Not Alone is a burden of every lonely person in the whole world given to the Presiding Pastor of Covenant Christian ministries.

“And the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a help meet for him” Gen 2:18 KJV.

More people are suffering in marriage than any other affliction in the world. God has given Tunde Immanuel the mandate to liberate the world from loneliness.  It is important to note that loneliness does not apply to the unmarried alone but many are married yet alone. Adam left Eve alone and the serpent deceived the woman (1 Tim 2:14) “but the woman being deceived”.

Loneliness is the devil’s greatest weapon of deceiving the world.

Are you lonely in marriage, bitter, hurting, neglected? Single parents, male and female who have attained marriage age yet unmarried, irrespective of circumstances that led to your status, divorced, widowed, separated and those who are married yet unhappy in marriage and many trapped in lonely marriages. Not Alone is from God, Not Alone will be reaching out to all who are lonely. Please before you make a final decision on the issue of loneliness why not pick you phone or contact NOT ALONE.

The Lord has given Tunde Immanuel a solution to your loneliness. The same way God decided to terminate the loneliness of Adam. He will terminate your loneliness. What you need is heavenly wisdom not to make the same mistake that Adam and Eve made; to make good decisions and handle your relationship well.


Contact: Covenant Christian Ministries

                79 Akowonjo Road, Egbeda, Lagos

                Tel: 08067474593, 08037255132


CCM Men Fellowship

Men are the pillars of the society and the purpose of the fellowship is to lead men to God and for them to live a victorious Christian life. The fellowship is to grow men into maturity in Christ and how to develop their skills and abilities as husbands and fathers to lead their families in the fear of God through the so much confusion that plagues our modern society. Every married and unmarried man can be a part of the fellowship so as to be a vessel in the growth of God’s kingdom. God will use the heart and life of a man who chooses to make himself available to Him. (1 John 3:1)


To intercede for the men, family and the church.

To encourage men to be involved in church ministry.

To encourage men to attend church services and meetings regularly.

To build strong relationships and continual prayers as a team.

To encourage effective communication among the men so as to help one another achieve individual and corporate goals through group work and skills training seminars.



Every 2nd Saturday of every Month.

Quarterly Friday night Vigil in the year.


Contact: Covenant Christian Ministries

                79 Akowonjo Road, Egbeda, Lagos

CCM Women Fellowship

Women are the Home Builders that makes the society a unique place to stay. The primary purpose of the fellowship is to bring the glory of God upon the family by bring women into a more intimate relationship with Jesus as Lord, savior through the use of prayers, praise and worship, meditation and study of the scriptures. It is open to all women, married and unmarried.

The women run a monthly prayer meeting every first Saturday of every month.