CCM Men Fellowship

Men are the pillars of the society and the purpose of the fellowship is to lead men to God and for them to live a victorious Christian life. The fellowship is to grow men into maturity in Christ and how to develop their skills and abilities as husbands and fathers to lead their families in the fear of God through the so much confusion that plagues our modern society. Every married and unmarried man can be a part of the fellowship so as to be a vessel in the growth of God’s kingdom. God will use the heart and life of a man who chooses to make himself available to Him. (1 John 3:1)


To intercede for the men, family and the church.

To encourage men to be involved in church ministry.

To encourage men to attend church services and meetings regularly.

To build strong relationships and continual prayers as a team.

To encourage effective communication among the men so as to help one another achieve individual and corporate goals through group work and skills training seminars.



Every 2nd Saturday of every Month.

Quarterly Friday night Vigil in the year.


Contact: Covenant Christian Ministries

                79 Akowonjo Road, Egbeda, Lagos